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District Govt. Faisalabad FireBrigade. Fire Fighting Vehicles.
Tma Jaranwala. Hydraulic Ladder Water Tanker, Hydraulic Trolly, Front End Loader.
Tma Lailpur Town. Mobile Hydraulic Ladder With Vehicle.
Tma Madina Town. Mobile Hydraulic Ladder With Vehicle.
Descon Engineering Limited. Multi Purpose Tractor Driven Water Boozer, Tractor  Hydraulic Front End Loader. 
Habib Rafique Pvt. Ltd. Bituminous Distributor 8000 Liters, Kerosene Oil Tank 15000 Liters,  Water Boozer 10000 Liters.
Interloop Pvt. Ltd. Sulphuric Acid Tank 15000 Liters. Drinking Water Tankers. Diesel Storage Tanks Hydraulic Trolleys
Amtex Ltd. Processing Calander Roller Manufacturing And Repairing. Power House Cooling Towers Fan Ducts.
Rana Textile Mills Pvt. Ltd. Ss Tanks With Strer, And Complete Processing Machinery. Rollers
M.K Sons Pvt. Ltd. Complete Processing, Cloth Batchers And Trollies. Power House Cooling Towers Fan Ducts Calander Roller
Eco West International. Hydraulic Front End Loader, Water Boozer, Cultivators.
Universty Of Agricultural Faisalabad. Wheat Theresher, Rotavator, Cultivator, Land Levelors, Cheisel Plough, Extra Large Seed Drill. Fire Fighting Truck
Agricultural Research Institute Sakrand Sindh Agricultural Implements
Narc Islamabad Agricultural Implements
Marc Jaglote (Gilgit Bultistan) Agricultural Implements
Agricultural Research Institute  Muzaffarabad  (Azad Kashmir) Agricultural Implements
Pir Sabaq Noshehra Agricultural Research Institute Agricultural Implements
Agricultural Research Institute Queta Wheat Threshers
Ayyube Agri Research Institute Faisalabad. Wheat Theresher, Rotavator, Gross Cutter (Tractor Driven)
Sitara Chemical Industries Ltd.  Hydraulic Trolly,26 Ft Trailer. And Many More Of Items As Per Sample Are Manufacturing. 5ton Electric Chain Hoist With Motorized Trolley Supply With Installations Of Compete Over Head Indoor Crane
Fiedmc Faisalabad Industrial Estate. Water Boozer 10000 Liters. Tractor Driven. Water Boozer 15000 Liter, Engine Driven Grass Cutter, Tractor Driven Grass Cutter.
MSC Textile Mills Pvt. Ltd. Processing Roller Manufacturing And Repairing, Water Tanker Tractor Driven.
Sweety Textile Mills Pvt. Ltd. Processing Roller Repairing, Ss Stripping Tank.
Brite Fabric Pvt. Ltd.  Calander Machine, Cloth Batchters, Ss Tanks, Cloth Trollies, 3ton Electric Rope Hoist Installation In Workshop.
Chawala Interprises. 26 Ft Trailer, Water Tanker 10000 Liters.
Nibje Tractor Driven Grass Cutter
Sui Northern Gaspipelines Limited. Tractor Driven Water Tanker, Raping Machine, Hydraulic Ladder Adjustable Complete Installation Of Crane Gantry 5 Ton Capacity In Hot Tapping / Stop Link Shed At HQ Faisalabad. Compressor Stations AC-6, AC-4, AC-1X 05 Units 5 Ton Chain Hoist With Installation Of I-Beams. DE-WATERING PUMPS, COOLING TOWER FANDUCTS
Chashma Sugar Mills Ltd. DI Khan Agricultural Implements
Sngpl (Compression) Multan. Cooling Tower Fan Ducts
COMSATS Institute Of Information Technology Multan Road, Vehari Tractor Trolley Tractor Driven Water Bowser
Shahbaz Garments Pvt Ltd.  Water Tanker Tractor Driven, M.S Rollers  Hydraulic Trolley
Kamal Textile Mills (Pvt) Ltd. Calander Rollers, Storage Tanks, Air Tanks.
Kamal(Limited) Front End Loader , Hydraulic Trolley, Processing Machinery
Noor Fatima Texitle Mills (Pvt) Ltd. Processing Machinery , Fire Truck, Tractor Trailer
Jhang Fabric (Pvt) Ltd. Textile Machinery.
Rafiq Fabric (Pvt) Ltd. Textile Processing Machinery
Bin Bashir Textile Mills (Pvt) Ltd. Textile Processing Machinery
Arshad Corporation (Pvt) Ltd. Processing And Printing Cotton Rollers, Teflon Rollers, Steel Rollers And Textile Machinery.

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